Tesco Internet Phone + Linksys PAP2

So the good news is that Tesco Internet Phone have started letting people use SIP to access their service. This means that I can now set up the second line on my PAP2 to connect to it. All well and good until I tried to access my voicemail by dialling *123.

It turns out the dial plan on the PAP2 is set to only allow 2 digit numbers following the * symbol (mostly used as command codes to the PAP2 itself).

The default dial plan reads:


but to allow calling *123 it needs to be adjusted to:


After contacting their customer services it also turns out that the current version of the onscreen TIP will not work properly with Windows Vista. In order to retrieve your voicemail when running on Vista you need an updated version, available here:


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Wooden Puzzle Box

A couple of days ago I found a Wooden Puzzle Box on Firebox.com. It works on the same principle as a plastic version bought for me a few years back by a relative (I think it was bought from a Hawkins Bazaar). When you don’t know the answer it is fiendishly difficult to open.

Wooden Puzzle Box

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