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RIP Instagram, oops Pixsta.

I was an avid Instagram user. This is set to change in June due to an update to their platform policy for developers. A number of endpoints are being turned off, and all apps have to go through a submission and approval process to avoid being relegated to a sandbox mode.

It’s no surprise that I spend a lot of time near a PC. As there isn’t an official Instagram client for PC, a while back I started using an app called Instagrille. More recently it became Pixsta. pixsta

Without Pixsta I won’t be notified of new posts in my feed. I wont see those posts, and I wont interact with them. Perusing my feed on my phone is irritating at best: the promoted posts (that may or may not be at the root of the API changes) are poorly targeted and irrelevant. I can honestly say I’ve never clicked on one. The move to a Facebook-esque algorithmic feed was also a poorly conceived idea: a chronological feed makes a lot more sense rather than a popularity contest among the users I follow.

No doubt the official line is that the API changes will prevent spammers and scammers plaguing the service as they currently do. I doubt it will.

Whatever the reason, Instagram just became a whole lot less relevant to me. Much the same way Twitter did when they bought Tweetdeck, removed features from it and eventually made it a web app; or the way Facebook did when the killed SocialFixer, swapped to algorithmic feeds and turn on notifications from friends by default.

Perhaps Instagram will continue unscathed by the loss of the developer ecosystem, but in any case… RIP Pixsta. It was good while it lasted.

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