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Windows 8 Guest Network Adapter in VMWare Workstation

Recently I decided to avail myself of the “upgrade for £24.99” offer and upgrade a copy of Windows XP to Windows 8. Much prefering to run Windows in an VM on Linux, noting that only the VMWare SCSI disk was a problem I pushed ahead with the upgrade. After changing the scsi to ide in the vmx file, I booted into Windows 8 only to find that the VMWare network adapter wasn’t detected and installed.

Thinking that perhaps it was the fact that I am running Workstation 8.04, I downloaded and installed the 9.x series of VMWare Tools from the website. Still no joy.

Vaguely remembering that VMWare can emulate more than one type of NIC, I had a quick Google, and found the following page:

One more quick edit of the vmx file to add :
ethernet0.virtualDev = "e1000"
and hey presto we now have a fully functioning NIC in the Windows 8 guest.

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